Categories: Android Development

BestWebSoft set a goal to develop a simple and functional app that would help car repairmen arrange their services and appointments with clients.

Design process includes the following tasks
1. Analysis & Research
2. Sketching & Wireframing
3. UI Design & Illustrations
4. Prototyping
5. Android Development
6. Testing & Implementation

Our design choices for the app style are driven by these decisions:
-As primary colors, we choose red and orange. Red and orange shades are usually used in the car service sphere. Red means energy, progress and movement ahead. Also, it is the common color of car repairmen’s’ uniform.
-Our secondary colors are white (for minimalism and free space) and shades of green and yellow (for highlighting elements and for illustrations).
-Roboto headset as a standard and readable font for Android applications.
-For the logo, we use pictograms of a calendar (for management & planning), a car (means that the app belongs to the car sphere), and a wrench (means repair).

As a final result, we created the application to simplify the organization process for car repairmen, allowing them to focus their attention on clients and the provision of vehicle repair in time.

Car Service Manager app is available on Play Market.