At BestWebSoft we wanted to create a simple and effective task manager mobile application that would assist users in creating a schedule, time management, getting notifications of due dates, and arranging their activity at work, at home or anywhere else.

We created a design concept, wireframes and user flow in more than 60 mobile screens where users can utilize such features as a map view, comments, attachments and more. Each screen is designed to make the app intuitive and easy-to-use allowing teams of users to stay organized and co-operate on projects from the beginning to the end.

The principal functionality of the application design is a map view. Users can add locations on the map for each task and create a route to complete all the tasks on time. 

In our design process we wanted to ensure smooth and fast experience so we have done a thorough testing of wireframes and prototypes. To achieve more trendy look and better perception by users we kept all components of the design clean, simple and intuitive.

As a result, we designed 60+ screens for ToDo Geo, a mobile application that facilitates you to work more collaboratively.