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Mobile site optimization is becoming an increasingly more necessary feature. As the time progresses, more and more people are browsing the web with smartphones and tablets. Even if your site has highly specific features, not suited for mobile users and you don’t aim for mobile traffic at all. There are Powers-That-Be, that ensure that if you don’t invest your time and effort into building a mobile version, you will suffer. 

Nearly a decade ago, mobile web traffic was nigh to non-existing. In 2009 only 0.7% of the internet traffic was coming from smartphones or such. But a decade later, in 2019 it rises to 53%. Global pandemic has dropped the numbers in 2020 by 3% somewhat, only for them to bounce back twice as hard in 2021. 

This article is all about what is a mobile site optimization, its benefits, and how it is done. 

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Mobile Apps Development Trends in 2021

Apps stores are a highly competitive market that constantly grows in both annual money gross and the number of players entering the competition. Mobile apps development trends are helping the developers to understand the general direction the market moves. They also light the ways for their products to not get outdated.

It should be noted, however, that trends are not rules set in stone. More often than not it is better to stick with your vision of how your app should look and behave, than chase the new tech feature. 

Most importantly, there are no guarantees that trends will stick with the audience. For example, there were lots of predictions at the beginning of the 2010s that VR gaming would be huge, or even create the new videogame paradigm. So far it is niche at best. Not only because of technical difficulties or high price. But the nature of the interaction between person and device itself.

This article is divided into two parts. The “Technological trends” section features novelties and experimental technologies that are trying to get their niche in the app market.  “Worldwide Trends in Design” part tells about the practices to create the best user experience and how can they differentiate depending on the country’s market. 

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How to Convert WordPress Site Into a Mobile App

Life is a race. More so when it comes to business and making money. The more time passes, the stronger the competitors are, the more it takes to get ahead of them. Converting your site into a mobile app is one of those “modern demands”.

Unless your business is very specialized, or you have a spark of genius combined with an adequate marketing team, you must succumb to these demands. And the reason is simple, the world is a rapidly changing place. 

Four years ago was crucial in web development. It was the first year when global internet traffic was dominated by mobile devices. Therefore it calls for businesses to increase their presence on the mobile specter of the internet. While having a mobile-friendly site is a sign of respectable entrepreneurship. All the marketers are ripping their throats while shouting how much more “engaging” and “profitable in the long term” mobile apps are in comparison. That’s being said Ms. Statistics may have a word with them.

Luckily, this task is not as hard as it may look. That is if you have enough funds to achieve it.  

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before creating your app

So, you want to build an app. That’s good, right?  All the blogs are constantly repeating as one “you need to have an edge over competitors” or “you have to be where the customers are”. Hundreds of them can`t be wrong, can’t they? 

But should you really do it? In fact, it’s not an easy task. Building a good app is an ultimately challenging endeavor. When your rivals are fighting for customers, stepping down might save your money, time, and effort. Don’t forget that just building an app is not enough, you must maintain it in order for it to function well. And the worst part is that no one guarantees your success. 

On the other hand, making a great app is like winning a lottery. It is profitable and you can be proud of it! So, is it worth it or not? As always, it’s up to you to decide. But we will try to elaborate on all the aspects of this decision to make your choice easier.

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Industries Which Are Badly Need Mobile Apps

Any business that is on the go must interact with both its customers and its staff, and this requires a powerful environment such as mobile applications. In the past few months, we’ve made sure that mobile apps have proven their value to everyone. In the most severe state of pandemic and isolation around the world, delivery apps, healthcare apps, e-commerce apps, and more have made our lives easier. There is no doubt that mobile applications have become an hourly necessity for all industries. Let’s see why the aforementioned industries need mobile apps.

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Why 2021 is The Best Time To Build A New App

What makes creating an app such an attractive idea? Well, the main characteristics of a product usually include its ability to make life more comfortable and save us a lot of time. By using the mobile application, it helps the user to find everything he needs, simply on his phone.

With apps, you don’t even need to go to your browser; By clicking on the mobile phone screen, you are already where you want, skipping many intermediate steps. That’s what makes it a great business idea, and in 2021, when consumers are more tech-savvy and informed than ever, you should be playing an app game.

After the lockdown, when companies are devising strategies to get back on track, this is a good time to build a mobile app.

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

In the 60s of the last century, to get acquainted with the company, the client looked through business cards, brochures of companies and came to the office. A relevant question when studying an organization now is: “Do they have a mobile application?”

Modern applications are rightfully considered one of the most powerful tools for connecting with the target audience from a business point of view. Almost every adult in the world has a smartphone right now, and the number continues to increase. This is a pretty strong argument in favor of focusing on modern mobile technologies.

If you still don’t understand why creating your own mobile business platforms has become so popular, we have prepared the most important reasons to join the segment of entrepreneurs who are already using applications for business.

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apps for teachers and tutors

Nowadays, everyone uses apps and their smartphone in their daily life and work. Millions of apps are built to make life easier in every industry. Educational apps for teachers allow them to streamline day-to-day activities focusing on student education and communication with students that will increase their interest in learning and help strengthen a personal bond with them.

We’ve put together a short list of apps for educators to help you cope with daily tasks and better organize your time.

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